Press_Shelley F. Marlow, 2005

Shelley F. Marlow on “Optimism Reigns and Rains”, 2005

Optimism reigns and rains from a technological heaven above silver and crystal bonsai, a charmed and mushroom cosmology.
Spores travel intact through outer space. Electric light angels draw on the wall. Scientists found another part of the brain is activated when one experiences communication with ‘god’= believing in angels and fairies utilizes more of your brain.
Transparent silk, beads, crystal and blue raindrops, dollhouse lights in a dainty world, teardrop mirrors, happy time:
Embrace nano scale, embrace your grief, absorb techno blessings, ceiling to floor, embrace optimistic disco glitter pins, in fairy measurements, embrace her-story, embrace “god of small things” spins.
The charm ecstatically lingers a subtle effect outside, a drug-like transformation over McCarren Park, a square of multiple floodlights float silver against golden dusk clouds. Oh my goddess, Joseph Cornell would die.